League Schedule

Teams will compete at two or more Meets and their League Championship.  The team’s win-loss-tie record, judging scores (Interview Presentation and Engineering Notebook)  and a judged team created video determines each team’s state ranking.

Check back soon for our 2016-17 League Competition Schedule!

About “Judgement Day”

All of the teams in the league will attend a Judgment Day event, which provides a low stress formal judging opportunity for teams outside the robot competitions. This allows the judges to have more time with each of the teams and allows teams to demonstrate all of their robots capabilities on the FIRST Tech Challenge field. There will be a structured agenda for the Judgment Day and teams will only need to be at the event for their 20 minute time slot with the judges.

About League Championships

League Championships are capstone competitions where all teams experience the thrill of qualifying matches, alliance selection, elimination matches, and the FIRST Tech Chalenge judged awards.  League Championship judging  (Interview Presentation and Engineering Notebook), the Team Video and qualification match results affect state rankings.  League Championships may NOT include teams from other Leagues.

The top teams in the league will be determined by the state ranking that is published on the Florida FIRST Tech Challenge website. This will be a full FIRST Tech Challenge qualifying tournament that includes the alliance rounds and the full judged awards.

Look for more information on the League Championship soon.

Practice Days

Practice Days are especially important for League Play because each match played at a Meet or League Championship contributes to a team’s state ranking.  Practice Days emphasize robot match play.  There is no formal judging, however, some events may offer practice-judging sessions.


Teams are ranked based on their performance at Meets and League Championships in the following proportions:

  • Win-loss-tie record for Qualifying Matches – 50%
  • Judging at at League Championship – 25%
  • Team created mid-season video – 25%

Typically, the 28 top ranked teams that have attended three or more competitions earn invitations to the Florida State Championship.

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