Welcome to the 2017-18 Relic Recovery Season!

While Hurricane Irma descended upon Florida, FIRST Tech Challenge teams statewide were gearing up for the new 2017-18 Relic Recovery season.  The hurricane caused the cancellation of live kick off events across Florida, but there was a virtual state kick off and the livestream Kick off event from San Diego for teams to follow. This year’s game looks amazing and sets some pretty sophisticated engineering challenges for teams.   Check out the game video below:

The object of this year’s  challenge is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by (1) scoring game elements representing Glyphs into appropriate spots in “Cryptoboxes” and completing rows, column, and ciphers, (2) transferring Relics to the Recovery Zone, (3) retrieving game elements representing Jewels, (4) parking on the Balancing Stones, and (5) navigating to specific parts of the Playing Field.

Check out the one page game description here.  Game manuals and resources are on the FIRST Tech Challenge page at FIRSTInspires.org

And teams can follow along with Robot in 1 Weekend builds that were postponed from kick off weekend to September 16 and 17.  In Tampa, a Robot in 1 Weekend event is being held at University Mall with FIRST alumni, many who are students at the University of South Florida.  Robot in 1 Weekend builds are a great way to learn build and programming techniques, and get good ideas on strategy and design that you can use for your own builds.

Visit Robot in 3 Days to learn more!

And Go Teams!

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Welcome to Rebooted ROBOT League Website!

New FTCSo we did a terrible job keeping this website updated for you last season, but we’ve rebooted for the new 2016-17 season and hope you like our fresh new look and updated resources.

Stay tuned for this season’s new ROBOT League team list and event schedule, and bookmark this page and the Florida FIRST Tech Challenge website to stay up to date on all the 2016-17 Season news and resources. Be sure to read all the information on the front page of the Florida FTC website so you’re up to speed before the new season starts.

We’re sure you’ve already saved the date for the new season kick off, and we hope you’ll join us for our live local kick off event, Saturday, September 10 at 10am at Middleton High School in Tampa!  

Welcome back to a brand new season of FIRST Tech Challenge in Tampa Bay, and Go Teams!

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It’s Time for Cascade Effect!

CascadeEffect_FNL tweak The 2014-15 FIRST Tech Challenge season has kicked off in Florida, with over 120 FTC teams registered to compete in six leagues across the state. Here at the Robotics Organized Builders of Tampa (ROBOT)League, we’ve got 21 teams gearing up to play the new season game, Cascade Effect.

Keep up with season updates from Florida FTC and ROBOT League by keeping an eye out for email updates, which are archived at the Florida FTC website , and League updates here.  Visit our ROBOT League Resource page for official game resources.

You may also enjoy staying connected via our ROBOT League Facebook page.

Go Teams!

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