FIRST programs are a proven example of learning by doing, and ROBOT League programs showcase  FIRST Tech Challenge project based learning with energy and fun!

FIRST Impact

FIRST provides project based learning in alignment with Common Core and Florida state standards, as well as over $80 million in scholarships to participating high school students. The programs are inclusive, accessible and affordable, with significant grant funding available to new and existing teams. Most important, FIRST programs work. Compared to their matched peers, FIRST Alumni are:

• 50% more likely to attend college.
• 3x more likely to major in engineering.
• 9x more likely to have an internship in Freshman year.
• 4x more likely to pursue a career in Engineering.
• 2.5x more likely to volunteer in the community.

Please join us to see how FIRST can bring immense added value to your school program.


Visit FIRST in Florida’s Library Page and the FIRST FL Education Page for more FIRST resources!