Welcome to the New FTC Season!

kick off crowd

Florida FTC Kick Off Crowd at Middleton High School Sept. 7

Welcome  new teams to the Tampa Area FTC League, and the new season game, Block Party1209405_711334765558788_1930035894_n

There has been significant FTC team growth in Florida this year and it has been beyond our expectations.  We currently have 104 registered FTC teams in Florida and that represents almost a 40% growth from last year.  This has a direct impact on our league because we now have 23 teams in the Tampa Area league, which creates a logistically challenging season for the ROBOT League.

To that end, the ROBOT League is exploring a couple of different options for holding meets and probably two League Championships to best serve all our teams. Our League operates with the conviction, stated best by our League Chair, Hans Wolf, ” that most of the learning happens because of the participation in the tournaments.  It is the competition of the tournaments that allows the students to understand what worked and what did not work about their design ideas and how they engineered their robots.  I also think the tournaments are fun for the students and I have always encouraged teams to try to attend as many tournaments as they can. ”

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New Game Q&A

Because we believe it’s important that all teams should get a chance to attend at least three tournaments, as well as a chance to experience a full qualifying tournament that includes all of the judge awards and the full alliance rounds structure, we’ll be working hard to run the 2013-14 season as follows:

1.       League Tournament — November 9, 2013 — confirmed at Hillsborough High School

2.       League Tournament – December 7, 2013 — confirmed at Middleton High School

3.       League Tournament – December 14, 2013 — locations is still to be determined.  My recommendation is that we target Polk State College

4.       League Championship #1 – December 21, 2013 — location TBD and needs to have at least 8 teams select this date and recommend 10-11.  

5.       League Championship #2 – January 11 & 12, 2014 – location TBD and the tournament would be on Sunday the Judging (Judgment Day) would be performed on Saturday.

We’ll also be helping buddy up rookie teams with veteran teams, to help make our busy competition season fun and rewarding for all.  Stay tuned for updates here and Florida FTC throughout the season.

Go Teams!

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