Robotics Organized Builders of Tampa Bay (ROBOT) FTC League Championship Update

League Championship scheduleWelcome to the 2012-2013 Robotics Organized Builders of Tampa Bay (ROBOT) FTC League Championship hosted by Tiger Robotics program at Jesuit High School.  The original email from Jesuit High School contains the following information, abridged for online sharing here. If you did not receive it or want more information, please contact the League Chair.

1. Draft League Championship Schedule

2. Lunch

3. Site Layout

4. Directions and Parking

5. FIRST Consent and Release Form and STIMS

Draft League Championship Schedule

Robotics competitions are complex to run, and there are many opportunities for slowdowns.  While our volunteers make every effort to operate on a timely basis, by nature of the event, the schedule is a guide and not a guarantee.  A draft copy of the League Championship master schedule is attached.  Teams will receive a schedule in their welcome packet at check-in.  Please review the schedule in this packet, it may be slightly different that the attached schedule.


The cafeteria (operated by Caterer Sandra’s of Tampa Bay) will be open for business from 8 AM through 3 PM. A menu of items available is attached. Pre-ordering for your team would be helpful but is not required. Please make sure to forward out to your parents this information. Although a few eating establishments are within 5-10 minutes away, time may be a limiting factor, certainly for team members, but for parents as well.

 FIRST Consent and Release Form and STIMS

FIRST Consent and Release forms and STIMS reports are required to be turned in at every tournament. All of the students on your team should be entered into STIMS and have an approved status.  Bring a copy of the STIMS summary report and turn it in to the check-in desk upon arrival. Student team members attending the tournament that do not appear as approved on the STIMS report, are required to turn in a completed FIRST Consent and Release form at check-in.   FTC coaches and mentors are required to turn in a completed FIRST Consent Form at every event. The team coach will turn in the consent forms at the team check-in/information desk at the competition. Download the form from the FIRST web site:


John Lacy                                                    

Robotics Faculty Adviser

FRC Team 3164/FTC Team 4960

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