First Meet of the Season! Saturday, November 17, Hillsborough High School

The is a big week with the first official tournament of the FTC ROBOT leagues Saturday, November 17, 2012 at Hillsborough High School. Hillsborough High School is located at 5000 Central. This email contains information that will help you prepare for the event:

Teams Attending – The following 12 teams have sent me an email conformation indicating they will be attending:

· 1369 Minotaur

· 2425 Hydra

· 2845 Team Duct Tape

· 2868 Smoke and Mirrors

· 3846 Maelstrom

· 4469 Hydra B

· 4960 Tiger-Bots

· 4997 Masquerade

· 5018 Brick Buddies

· 5836 Robot Repair

· 6433 Neutrinos

· 6449 Mechanical Bulls

Schedule – The following is a schedule for the November 17, 2012 event:

· 7:00am Team check-in and pit area opens

· 7:15am Robot Self Inspection

· 7:45am Judging Sessions Begin

· 8:00am Robot Inspection at the competition field begins

· 9:45am Drivers meeting at competition field in gym

· 10:00am Opening Ceremony

· 10:20am Qualifying matches start

· 12noon Lunch break

· 1:00pm Qualifying matches resume

· 3:00pm Qualify matches end

· 3:15pm Awards ceremony

· 3:30pm Tournament ends

· Team Lunch Orders –– Hillsborough High School robotics team is the sponsor of our first tournament and they will be providing pizzas that you can purchase for lunch. If you would like to order lunch pizzas for your team, please send me an email with how many cheese and pepperoni pizzas you would like to order. The cost of the pizzas will be $11. Payment for the pizzas will be due by no later than 9:30am the day of the tournament. The preferred form of payment is cash but you can pay by check and the check should be made out to Marian Manganello.

· Parking – When you arrive at Hillsborough High School for the tournament on November 17, 2012, the recommended parking location is on the west side of the football field off of Osborne Avenue. Driving south on Central Avenue you will pass the school on your right and turn right on Osborne Avenue. After you pass the football field, turn right into the parking lot.

· FIRST Consent Form — This is a reminder that all teams are required to complete the FIRST Consent and Release form. I recommend that each team member completes the online form that can be found at . Each team member and legal guardian is required to complete the online consent and release form. Team coaches, please login to TIMS print your team’s roster. Please bring your printed roster to the tournament on November 17, 2012.

· Robot Preparation –I strongly suggest that each team perform a formal hardware and software inspection as is described in the FTC game manual. The following are common challenges we see in getting the robots prepared to compete:

· RG04 – At the beginning of any match, the maximum allowed size of a Robot is 18”x18”x18”.

· RG08 – Robots MUST include a mounting device to securely hold on tournament supplied FTC Robot Alliance Identification Flag.

· RG09 – Robots MUST prominently display their team number (must be visible from at least two sides of the robot).

· RS02 – Each team MUST “name” their NXT with their official FTC Team number (e.g. “1234”).

· RS04 – The “Samostat” program MUST be installed on the NXT.

· RS05 — The “Program Chooser” program MUST be installed on the NXT.

· RS06 – The NXT MINDSTORMS Controller Sleep Timer must be set to NEVER.

Hans Wolf

ROBOT League Chair

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