ROBOT League Update — Reminder: League Practice Day November 3, 2012 at Hillsborough High School

This is email contains the weekly communications update about the Robotics Organized Builders Of Tampa FTC League:

  •  Our second official FTC league event is scheduled for next weekend (November 3, 2012) at Hillsborough High School.  This will be a Practice Tournament and will allow teams to practice running matches on the official tournament playing field.  Please reply to this email and let me know if your team will be participating in the Practice Tournament.  I am encouraging all teams to participate even if you cannot score any rings at this time.  The purpose of this event is the ensure all of the field software is operating properly and give the teams a chance to make sure their robots can operate properly with the Field Control Software.  The primary purpose of the event this Saturday is to help the teams and volunteers to prepare for our first tournament on November 17, 2012. You only need a drive train, NXT, Samantha Module, and a simple Teleop program to be able to compete.  If you have a driving robot, I would like to see your team at the Practice Tournament this Saturday.

    All teams are asked to arrive no later than 7:30am.  There will be a very limited hardware inspection process and the software inspection will be limited to flashing each team’s Samantha module with the proper field network keys.  I would like to start running matches by 9:30am and complete the tournament no later than 1:30pm.  My plan is have each team run 5 matches and your lunch break will be limited to 30 minutes.  Each team will be responsible for bringing their own food for lunch.  I am not sure if we will be able to compute scores for each of the matches and publish team rankings because the FTC scoring software has not yet been made available.

    The Practice Tournament is an official league event and therefore all teams are required to complete the FIRST Consent and Release form.  I recommend that each team member completes the online form that can be found at Each team member and legal guardian is required to complete the online consent and release form. Team coaches, please login to TIMS print your team’s roster.  Any team members that do not complete the online process will be required to complete the paper consent and release form.

  • League fee reminder:  Coaches, you should have received an email from Karin Howard with instructions for paying the league fee.  The league fee will help cover the costs of running our 3 league tournaments and league championship.  Please send Karin or myself an email if you have any questions.
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