ROBOT League Update for October 8th

  • Congratulations to Team 1369 Minotaur from Middleton High School for the winning the name the league competition — Robotics Organized Builders of Tampa (ROBOT).  This name edged out “Tampa Bay Area League” by one vote and in third place was Tampa Bay Thunder Alley League.  Thanks to all of the teams that submitted some very creative names.
  • Competition field is complete.  I have purchased all of the hardware and completed the construction of the field components last weekend.
  • There is an FTA and FTA Assistant training session this weekend, October 13, 2012 at the Largo Library starting at 9am.  Anyone that plans on volunteering to help with the field set-up and support during tournaments should plan on attending.
  • We are ready for the first event which is the Practice/Build It Day at Middleton High School on October 20, 2012, 9am to 2pm.  We will have a full Ring It Up field set-up in the cafeteria and teams from around Florida are invited to spend the day working on their robot and exchanging design ideas with other teams.  Also, we will have a brief wiring presentation to help teams understand the importance of the proper techniques to wire their electronic components on therobots. We will be happy to help replace your battery connections with the FIRST recommended Anderson connectors.  I will provide the necessary Anderson connectors and the FTC switch prewired with Anderson connectors.  If you plan on attending please send me an email with your team number, team name, and the estimated number of students/adults that will be attending.
  • I have purchased a new FTC field perimeter that will be used for the league competition field.  My original plan was to use the Middleton field perimeter.  However, I am concerned that constantly taking down the field at Middleton prior to our tournaments will significantly increase the amount of time required to set-up the competition fields.  However, I was able to find obtain some donated electronics such as the countdown clock monitor to help offset some of theleague budget.
  • The league currently has a total of 16 teams.  The following is the current team list:
Team #

Team Name

1369 Minotaur
2425 Hydra
2845 Team Duct Tape
2868 Smoke and Mirrors
3073 Massive D
3846 Aionios Tyfonas
4469 Hydra B
4960 Tiger-Bots
4997 Masquerade
5018 Brick Buddies
5210 Mission Impossible Team
5232 Hal 9000
5836 Robot Repair
6433 Neutrinos
6449 Robotics
2007204  TBD
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